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Camps in Tanzania

Greystoke Mahale Camp You can’t blame the Chimps for hanging out in a place like this. - P. Clark - LONDON EVENING STANDARD. On a far-flung beach along the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika, below a huge story-book tropical forest, is the tiny sanctuary of Greystoke Mahale. The water is as clear as gin, the air scented, and the living very easy indeed.

Chada Katavi Camp In this mega-beast land creatures need a really good place to hole up, and Chada Katavi has been mans retreat for a decade, hidden on a shady spit of acacias and tamarinds on the edge of the wide Chada plain. From a distance the camp is invisible against the browns and golds of the surrounding bush.

Sand Rivers Camp Discerning travellers consider Sand Rivers to be one of the finest camps on the continent, with its unique blend of timeless safari elegance combining with the rigours of a genuine bush adventure.

Serengeti Safari Camp Serengeti Safari Camp is seasonally mobile and positioned to take full advantage of the incredible natural phenomenon of the migration.

Lolindo Safari Camp Loliondo Safari Camp is seasonally mobile and positioned to take full advantage of the natural phenomenon of the migration.

Nomad Tarangire Camp Bedouin luxury in the heart of the African wilderness. Nomad Tarangire is a small - only 4 tents - and stylish new camp offering the ultimate all round Tarangire experience; from game drives in the key game spots, with opportunities for exciting walking safaris within the remote wilderness areas of the park.

Vuma Hills Tented Camp Vuma Hills Camp is luxurious and well-established and the perfect balance between comfort and ambience.

Foxes Safari Camp The Camp offers uninterrupted panoramic views across the sweeping plains of thunderous herds that converge to drink at the Mwanambogo waterhole in the best game viewing area in the park.

Jongomero Tented Safari Camp Jongomero Tented Camp offers a true African wilderness experiences a in the remote African bush of Ruaha National Park, Tanzania. This is one of the least visited but most spectacular parks in Africa.

Migration Camp The Migration Camp sits on the banks of the Grumeti River, so you can usually hear the hippos at night. It is also close to the Lobo area for great wildlife viewing.

Chada Tented Safari Camp Chada Safari camp is a remarkable Tanzania safari camp and remains the only tourist operation in Katavi and is comfortable, nostalgic and stylish.

Mdonya Old River Camp Mdonya Old River is for people looking for a genuine, off the beaten track, round-the-campfire Tanzania safari travel experience, in the enormous wilderness of Southern Tanzania.

Sayari Camp Sayari Camp is an intimate seasonal tented camp located in the Serengeti National Park stretching into the endless grass plains hosting the Wildebeest Migration.

Selous Impala Camp With only 8 luxuriously furnished tents, this camp offers you a genuine African safari experience. Selous Impala Camp is set amidst Borassus aethiopum palms and Tamarind trees and provides superb comfort, wonderful wildlife and dining under the stars beside the rippling Rufiji River.

Beho Beho Camp Always designated as a private camp this bush camp has fiercely protected its individuality and privileged location as one of the most magical places to visit in Africa.

Olivers Camp Olivers Camp is situated in a remote area of the park, in the middle of Tarangires unspoilt wilderness zone, making it perfect for a Tanzania luxury camping safari. The camp is ideally placed to access the yearly migrations of wildlife throughout the ecosystem, and to view the impressive concentrations at waterholes for a 6-7 month season each year.

Grumeti River Camp This luxury safari camp in Tanzania is situated in a remote valley in the Serengeti National Park, a mere 50 kilometres east of Lake Victoria, Africas largest lake.

Selous Private Safari Camp The Selous Safari Camp is situated on the banks of the Rufiji River, which offers the perfect opportunity for riverboat game viewing. It is designed to blend in with the scenery with thatched roofs on raised wooden platforms.

Katavi Luxury Tented Camp Katavi Tented Camp stands alone in just under two thousand square miles of one of Tanzanias most unusual wilderness areas, which is truly untouched by tourism.

Kikoti Luxury Safari Camp Kikoti Camp is named after a nearby, mile long stretch of Kopjes. These ancient boulders command views of epic proportions.

Kirawira Camp The whole concept of Kirawira Camp is as imaginative as it is elegant. Atop a hill overlooking the endless savannah, you will find tented luxury beyond your dreams.

Kirurumu Tented Camp Kirurumu Tented Lodge is set high on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, enjoying a marvellous, uplifting and panoramic view eastward over Lake Manyara, the Rift floor and Mt. Losimingori.

Kisima Ngeda This new permanent tented camp is located on the Schmeling family two hundred acre plantation on the shores of Lake Eyasi.

Kleins Camp Kleins Camp is set on the edge of the Kuka Hills and commands breathtaking views of the valley through which pass migratory herds of wildebeest and zebra.

Mahale Mountain Camp Sushi on the beach, chimps in the wild and romantic voyages on Lake Tanganyika The extraordinary and exotic Mahale Mountain Camp lies on the remote eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Mnemba Island Camp Mnemba, the Spice Island, an untouched atoll off the coast of Zanzibar, is therapy for the spirit.

Firelight Safaris Mobile Camp Firelight Safaris Mobile Camps are put together with the utmost care and only the comfort of our guests in mind. Your first sight of the camp provides the first thrill of your trip.

Selous Safari Camp The Selous Safari Camp, on the banks of the Rufiji River, is designed to blend in with the spectacular natural scenery in what is one of the most photogenic areas of the Selous Game Reserve.

Rufiji River Camp Rufiji River camp is a tented camp situated in the northeastern part of the Selous on a high bank overlooking the mighty Rufiji River and the plain beyond.

Serengeti Migration Camp The name Serengeti comes from the Maasai word -siringet- meaning -endless plain- and at Migration Camp one experiences the vastness of the sweeping plains.

Mbalageti Camp The Mbalageti Camp is located in the Western corridor of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and offers luxury tented chalets.

Mbuzi Mawe Camp Set amid rocky outcrops or ‘kopjes’ as they are called locally, which are geological features of the Serengeti, Mbuzi Mawe tented camp is in the heart of the Serengeti National Park, half way between Seronera and Lobo, in a low use area of the park.

Fly Camps Fly camping offers an exciting outdoor experience. Simple yet fully equipped, these camps have ice cold drinks, tasty food, comfortable bedrolls, and toilets; it's the perfect combination of intrepid adventure and bush comfort.

Olakira Camp Olakira Camp is a mobile tented camp that moves through the Serengeti, following the Great Migration, one of the world’s natural wonders.

Sabora Plains Tented Camp Sabora Plains Tented Camp is situated on the Serengeti plains, beautifully decorated in grand campaign 1920s style.

Suyan Camp Suyan Camp is a semi-permanent luxury camp. Suyan, which means wild dog in Maasai, moves just outside the borders of the Serengeti and offers you a broad range of possibilities for an active bush experience.

Sayari South Camp Sayari South Camp is located in the Moru Kopjes, at the western edge of the southern Serengeti plains, halfway between Ndutu and the western corridor. The camp is seasonal, and only open from 16 December to 14 March, when the game concentrations in the Serengeti are at its highest.

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